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Spirit is everywhere!

If Spirit is a vibration of pure Intelligence and Love, and this field pervades all that is, my body is not just a vehicle! My body and all the cells that I am made of contain that essence of Spirit/God/Intelligence as their fundamental platform for expression. So rather than seeing spirit and physical body as two separate things, I shall look to reunite with the Spirit underlying every function and process within my body. My connection to Spirit means my connection to self – to all of myself; and every cell that makes me contains the blueprint of my souls dance.

The physical cells and day to day functions of my body are Spirit and emotion in physical action and manifestation. My spirit does not therefore reside in just one place like my heart or my third eye. It is in every intricate structure of my physical being and experience and I can connect with it through being present and aware in and of my body.

The complexities and awesomeness of my own body are no less than the wonder and vastness of the cosmic universe. I am my own universe and I can explore it without going anywhere.

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