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An analogy for reality - Source

Musing as I usually do, an idea began to form:- a strange way to describe the relationship between ourselves and God. Firstly what we experience we perceive as real, yet new science theories suggest that we are in fact living in a holographic universe; everything outside us is a projection/hologram, and each piece of the world contains the whole. Also reality is perception based, it is therefore not a fixed point in space we can all agree on, it has fluidity, subjectivity and is always changing. We may be aware enough to know deep down we are of spirit, we are consciousness and we are not separate from God/the Source, but merely an outcropping of that field of unconditional love and intelligence. So here comes the analogy . . . I started thinking about us as individual computers, connected to a main power Source, capable of downloading new software and programmes at any point and from a whole host of providers. These programmes and operating systems determine what story plays across the computer screen, and determines our ‘reality’ in the seemingly physical world.

When we are born, we are totally pure boundless energy and love, connected to God/Source. For the purposes of this analogy, this is what I would like to call the Hub or Mainframe Computer! In these first beautiful months when we are new and shiny, we only run with the connection to Source; it is our only operating system and means by which we express ourselves. The world around us is a dance of energy, colours, and sounds – vibrations really! And when we first come here, love and divinity is the only language we know. As we start to develop our physical senses and try to understand our new level of consciousness, we begin to become distracted by new sensations, and that awareness subtly teaches us about our external environment - does it bring us closer to love or further away and into fear? Does our new world mimic the safety and protection of our Creator from which we have come, or do we start to experience lower vibrational emotions such as fear, lack, pain, our basic needs for love and survival not being met? And as our experiences co-create reality; we suddenly begin to develop a sense of self, an “I”. No longer one with our Divine Mother, or psychologically with our birth mother, we begin to start to manipulate our environment by creating and installing new ‘software’.

Our new software helps us to recreate conditions we are accustomed to and wish to repeat, so if sulking and throwing a tantrum proved a successful way of receiving the attention we craved, then the “naughty child reward programme” would be downloaded and embedded. As we progressed through life we continued to download new programmes that helped us get what we needed and cope with life. Although these programmes would undergo updates, generally the fundamental basis of any programme would still be the same, so in the case of the “naughty child reward programme”, the fundamental purpose of the software would be to re-run drama, creating attention and resulting in a (misguided) sense of self worth from the attention that was gained. With updates constantly being downloaded, we soon become experts at playing this slide show across our desktop.

Most of us continue through childhood into adolescence and adulthood, installing more and more software, forgetting all about the hub. Did we have a bad experience that left us feeling a certain way, perhaps sad or frightened or unloved? The solution; we installed more software, but this time we went for anti virus, protective software to safeguard us from the threats we have experienced personally or collectively from society/media/culture. We become more closed, shutting off the parts of ourselves that we want to protect, and what seems like the right thing to do takes us even further away from our true essence.

In a nutshell, by the time we reach our adult life we have evolved an operating system that runs on autopilot in the background, shaping our physical reality, our emotions, and our physiology. Our perception and our biology are continuously responding and running according to the programmes that most of us don’t even know are there.

So if we are lucky, what happens one day is we have a system failure, an unexpected shutdown or malfunction. We are sick, unhappy, addicted to something, lost and searching. What can we do? We go back to the computer and we look at the software, is it up to date, do I even need to keep running this programme anymore, and did I even know it had been installed at some point? And if we are lucky, the ego self lets go of all that it previously held onto, the desktop starts to clear and the old data and programmes get sent to the recycle bin. We come to the realisation that we have been operating with almost no memory left, putting a strain on our hardware, by running limiting old software that slows us down and keeps our experience trapped within the confines and parameters of the software we keep repeating. Our fan is on overdrive!

And then, if we are lucky, we notice that once all the programmes are uninstalled, there is still a basic fundamental operating system at work! The desktop appears empty, but the capacity of the hardware is still there, and the computer is still running. There is a Source! We remember the mainframe, the Hub; that which we have always been connected to. Our true operating system with unlimited downloads is innate and has been there all along. Now the desktop is cleared, we can once again speak the original language of our soul to harness the wisdom and knowledge that the hub/Source/Creation holds for us. We relearn the source code, the ancient language of space, emptiness, clarity, awareness, consciousness, unconditional Love and limitless potential and creative intelligence.

On reflection we appreciate that the old programmes have been limiting us and holding us back; having served their initial purpose of providing a platform from which to experience the full spectrum of humans emotions we are now free to experience the re-connection to our Innate wisdom and godliness. We realise that in order to remember our Divinity and Light, we must first forget it was ever there, and feel what it is like to be human and hide behind the shadows of our own darkness. Only then can we appreciate that the darkness was merely the absence of light, and that we only momentarily closed the curtains.

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