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Lessons from Nature – Trust the Storm.

Lying awake at 4am last night listening to the storm, it occurred to me that yet again we can take lessons from nature. Hunkered down inside away from the wind and chaos, (which is nothing in comparison to the forces that can and are operating around the world at the moment), I thought about the trees and all of nature braving the storm, naked and exposed. And as I saw them in my minds eye and through my bedroom window I realised that they don't withdraw or tense up, they make no attempt to hide or shelter from the relentless wind. They do not operate from a place of fear for their survival or concern themselves with the fact that they will likely lose part of themselves in this fierce process.

They simply sway and dance, undulating with the will of the wind and rain, allowing nature in all its glory to pass through their form and take its course. Shedding their leaves and branches, bidding farewell to parts of themselves; each plant, flower and tree surrendering to the powers of Mother Earth. In their innate wisdom they know this is temporary and will pass; and is the perfect way for all that is stagnant or old to be cleansed away and recycled. So utterly grounded, the tree only knows how to let go and be free, fully trusting in her roots and knowing that this process is an integral and natural part of life's cycle.

Interestingly also she does not try to cling to or hold on to those parts that will be lost, unlike us when we feel threatened by difficult circumstances or face changes. Nature simply knows that a space for new life has now been created and when the timing is right, fresh shoots will appear bringing a whole new joy.

If only we could be more like the trees - more confident and knowing and accepting of our own ultimate connection to the cycles of life. Letting go of our resistance and fear of change or when facing our own turbulent storms, if only we could open our arms and welcome in the countless temporary deaths and rebirths we must weather in order to grow anew again and again.

Let's be more like trees!

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