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How do you ‘spend your love’?

I was having a conversation with a close friend debating the ‘trials and tribulations’ of today’s world, both of us agreeing that what we needed most was a revolution in tolerance, non-judgement and LOVE. And it led me to think about my life so far and particularly when I reach the end of my life and may be asked or even ask myself ‘so how much love did you give away’? Pondering how I would respond to that question it suddenly dawned on me that we go through life RATIONING love!

Have a think about that for a moment . . . we decide WHO we love, WHEN we love them, WHY we love them and for WHAT reasons. Our availability and expression of Love is completely SELECTIVE, somehow during the journey of life we have adopted unconscious as well as conscious filters that determine who we think we should give our love to, ultimately deciding who or what is more worthy than another to qualify for love. And I think that if we really look deeper at ourselves, this is quite peculiar and strange! I think about Love itself as an energy/a supreme vibration, and it is infinite and knows no limits or boundaries. So why therefore do we think the supply of love will run out, there isn't enough to go around, and we have to be careful how much we give away! Or do we think some people don’t deserve love, and is that ok?

Clearly it's important to respect our personal boundaries and look after our emotional well being. We all have an idea of right and wrong, and we can’t like or get on with everyone. And that’s fine, no one is asking us to be best friends with everyone or not be affected when terrible things happen in the world. But does that mean we have to turn off our capacity to be compassionate or express the vibration of love and acceptance? My personal thoughts are that if Love could be described, I would be liken it to an endless flow, a bottomless indiscriminate wave of eternal grace, understanding, hope, and peace. And I think that Love as a force especially wants to embrace those who are living unconsciously and in the absence of Grace. It is in darkness that LOVE makes the most difference, not only to the shadow places within ourselves but to those around us as well.

And ironically it is here that we starve ourselves the most; Love is mainly used as a ‘reward’ for goodness/compliance/agreeable behaviour/circumstances or compatibility. We forget that Love is the only remedy for fear/separation/darkness and hatred; what will unite us and bring us closer to healing ourselves and the world is our recognition that the medicine for the wounds we all carry and act upon, is connection, compassion, non judgement and Love.

Perhaps after reading this, you could take a few moments to send love first to yourself, particularly to the places within you that you withhold love. And then if you’re feeling brave, send some Love or tolerance or compassion to those who you might ordinarily judge or dislike, because they really need it the most and your Love could be the brightest source of illumination to help a fractured soul find its way out of the dark.

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