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Life is a series of small Rituals - use them consciously

RITUAL IS POWERFUL. Our everyday lives are made up of hundreds and thousands of small rituals - most of them are automatic and unconscious - we do them without thinking or with any awareness or intention. Small things like brushing our teeth, drinking a cup of tea, greeting friends, eating dinner, getting into bed, beginning our day, walking in the park - these are all somewhat of a ritual, a routine, acts we repetitively do without consciously choosing to engage with them. Our whole life is made up of these small moments.

And let’s also consider the unconscious but ritualistic way we speak to ourselves continuously . . . that inner chatter that is shaping the experience of our inner world and our manifestation in outer reality?? Do you ever wonder what your unspoken and spoken words invoke and create . . . everything carries power, especially words and thought. But when we bring conscious intention and focus to any action we change not only the experience of that act but also the outcome.

In shamanism and indigenous communities, conscious ritual and ceremony is a big part of every day life. The practice helps us to stay connected with the present moment, with the essence of things, with nature, our home, our 'self's' and our deepest wishes, hopes and dreams. A ‘spell’ is a ritual. A ‘prayer’ is a ritual. Standing with your feet on the bare ground with the intention to connect with Mother Nature is a ritual. Drinking a cup of tea with the intention to enjoy every sip with gratitude is a ritual. Walking in nature appreciating the sounds and sights and opening your heart to the beauty all around is a ritual. Cleansing yourself in the shower with intention and connection to your body and the water is a ritual. Anything you give your attention to whilst carrying out an act is a ritual. Even noticing and feeling one breath travel through your body, appreciating how it nourishes every cell and sustains your life is a ritual. Small but powerful acts of focused intention have a great impact and can bring about deep and unexpected transformations.

I invite you to take a look at your daily activities and see what rituals you can bring your loving attention and awareness to. Ritual is that sacred moment where action and intention align, and what follows is a wonderful thing - a deepening connection to the innate power and essence of our true spirit.

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