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The purpose is NOW

We are all looking for our purpose, the meaning of life, what we are 'supposed to do'. And I realised that my biggest purpose, and the mammoth task of a lifetime (or many) is to be at one with this moment.

That doesn’t mean I have to force myself to be happy with it, to not wish to change it, or that I shouldn’t make plans to change it or make it different. It means that I choose to acknowledge and connect to all that is happening right now, to embrace all of my experience with a sense of openness, acceptance, faith and trust; at the very minimum with least resistance and awareness. It means I notice all of my experience, the feelings, thoughts, judgments, what my body is telling me, my emotions; and I do this all from the space of the Witness, the Observer, Awareness, the True Self.

When I bring awareness to the forefront of my being and doing, and drop into states of acceptance and surrender, I have given permission and am open to the full force of natures will, to source, to the limitless potential of creation to be expressed through me. I allow divine intelligence, awareness to flow, to hold me, to guide me and take me on an unpredictable journey with the deeper faith that whilst turbulent and painful at times, there is a greater picture that I cannot quite see.

For the divine force that is moving through me, is ever seeking, orchestrating events and flowing in the direction of healing, abundance and joy. Nature is one continuous cycle of birth, growth, decay, death, renewal and rebirth once more; transformation and alchemy at its purest. If I learn to master my small mind, to touch the presence within me and surrender to the great mind of spirit, I too become the Alchemist, transforming my inner and outer world from moment to moment in ways I cannot fathom. I remind myself that life is working for me, I am not separate from the great source, I am part of it.

In fact, who am I to question or even comprehend how the universe is going to make miracles and what they will look like? My primary purpose is to practice presence, to surrender and trust; to breathe deeply and mindfully when I find myself blind and in the dark; to let the universe weave its magic; to remember that all seeds begin in the dark. Whatever I need is here right now in the depths of my essence. Being present reconnects me with the life force that is who I am at my core. I surrender into the divine nature of my true self.

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