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In the stillness I am . . .?

Gentle, loving, wise, I touch the deepest part of me.

Tender, careful, caring, carefree, soft and nourishing,

Divinely feminine and luminous.

Like the petals of a rose, satin and inviting

Cloaking endless ideas, miracles, joy and abundance.

Gracious, I am mercy and love.

I am woman.

I am child.

This place is pristine purity,

Indescribable and not of this world of words.

And in the stillness I notice my boldness,

Fierce persistence like the ocean currents.

Yet tenderness woven throughout my glorious power,

I am peaceful unwavering fluidity.

I am unstoppable determination, strength and will.

I know I will always survive and flourish.

I am woman.

I am Love.

I Am all that is.

Come meet me in the stillness of your mind and the vast expanse of your heart.

I am everywhere you are and I am more than you even dreamed or imagined

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