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When you wake up a bit 'meh' . . .

It was one of those mornings and I woke up feeling a bit ‘meh’, with a busy mind and feelings of restlessness and discontentment. I spent a few moments trying to talk myself into a better space, but it really wasn't working! So instead I adorned myself with a whole load of crystals, put my phone away and took a few minutes to just accept this state of being in the hope that surrendering and accepting would quieten my mind, relax my body and in turn I would open to hearing and perceiving the whispers of my Soul and the way to heal and transform my experience.

As always, these short morning moments bring about familiar realisations and subtle reminders – you cannot clear or sooth the mind with the mind alone, or with distractions or what we all do best which is try to ‘think our way’ out of discontentment, restlessness or emotional distress. The higher mind, at the heart of the soul and spirit is needed to hush the egoic fearful mind from a space of deeper perspective and clarity. And this is exactly what it does given the opportunity.

Thoughts carry us on the ‘mind-train’, down perilous tracks that lead only into dark tunnels and we end up at stations we didn’t even know exist. Yet the simple beautiful breath has the power to bring us back to the source of our inner power, resilience and an ever present source of peace and faith. And it is then in those few breaths and moments, that the soft gentle touch of spirit begins to envelop us, calming the mind and soothing the pain body. A magical feeling of what i can only describe as 'joyous neutrality' permeates my experience as I move into the space of the witness.

And it’s important to remember that the mind does not suddenly cease all activity; it continues to do its aimless wandering and speculating but it is now buffered by a deeper, tender presence and awareness of spirit. My noisy thoughts now bob a-top a vast ocean of stillness and tranquillity, no longer able to whip the emotional body into a frenzied storm. I remember that just below the surface is where we find our way.

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