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My Old Friend Distraction

Hello my old friend distraction.

I sense you here calling and shouting my name.

Before I let you carry me away on an unquenchable journey for escape, respite and some semblance of peace, tell me what it is you seek, what it is you hide and mask from me.

Hello distraction, let me welcome you a while, let me sit with you and hear your story, who and what are you really?

I take a breath, deeper into the uncomfortable feeling and the overwhelming desire to give into your urges, to busy myself with the mundane and irrelevant, to numb myself temporarily from whatever is longing to be witnessed, held and seen.

So I say hello again to that which is behind distraction. Let me see you. I want to meet you.

Ahhhhh . . . . . .

I say hello to sadness, boredom, emptiness, and hello to the desire to be free of all of you.

Let me sit with you all for a while, I promise I will be present. And as I humbly sit with you, watching you, naming you and allowing you your moment on the stage, I notice a small space begins to open up; a small space of connection and belonging.

A little bit of ‘ok ness’, a feeling of peace begins to grow and spread into all that I am and all that surrounds me.

Suddenly there is meaning and purpose and acceptance. Even love finds its way into this moment.

From the misguided gates of distraction, I ventured into the unknown and instead of feeling more numb, I felt more alive and joyful than I could have hoped.

So hello distraction, my old friend, I will remember to keep my eyes open and meet you at the magical gateway into my inner world, where everything I am looking for resides.

What riches can be found, riches like belonging, hope and presence all can be found on the other side of distraction.

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